Monday, 13 April 2009

Planet Of The Dead: Predictions...the debrief

In this post on Saturday I oh-so-smart-arsely tried to predict what was going to happen in Doctor Who. Here's how I did...

1) They will be a subtle but ominous foreshadowing, ala Medusa Cascade, unrelated to the plot
Correct! Liz from Teachers, who was prone to the odd prediction -and apparently more accurate than me- weaved some mystic mumbo jumbo about something that was returning, and someone who'd knock four times. She also echoed the Ood back in series 4 by saying that his "song is ending". Ominous foreshadowing a-go-go.

2) This episode will be a bit too RTD-lite, ala Voyage Of The Damned
And it was! I enjoyed it more than 'Voyage...' though.

3) Michelle Ryan will snog David Tennant for a spurious reason not related to romance. This maybe something to do with enzymes, genetic transfers, or hiding. She will clearly fancy him, he will explain it's all a bit complicated

Half true. She did snog him, but there was no pretense about it. He seemed to quite enjoy the experience too. But then DT is the kissing Doctor. William Hartnell would never had got away with it.

4) I will fancy Michelle Ryan a lot more than I previously have
Sort of.

5) There will be some veiled camp reference about Captain Jack.

6) There will be a joke about Cliff Richard/ Summer Holiday/ Blakey/ Orrible Olive/ Holiday on the Buses
Okay, no. I think they missed a trick here though. I bet there was one in an earlier draft. Confidential used 'Summer Holiday' as a soundtrack. so thats half a point surely?

7) There will be a joke at the expense of London Transport. Possibly somehing about routemasters.
Another missed trick.

8) Lee Evans character will be wacky and annoying.
As wrong as I could be. I actually fould Malcome to be really sweet.

9) There will be a reference to Star Wars/Laurence of Arabia/Dune
Wrong again, but James Strong does mention David Lean in the commentary.

10) There will be an Eastenders reference at Michelle Ryans expense
Thanksfully no.

Clearly i'm not as clever or as geeky as I make out. Opinions?

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