Saturday, 11 April 2009

Predictions for tonights Doctor Who

I actually wrote this for a private email, but I thought I'd make it public and stand by it...this is my ten predictions for Planet Of The Dead:

1) They will be a subtle but omnious foreshadowing, ala Medusa Cascade, unrelated to the plot
2) This episode will be a bit too RTD-lite, ala Voyage Of The Damned.
3) Michelle Ryan will snog David Tennant for a spurious reason not related to romance. This maybe something to do with enzymes, genetic transfers, or hiding. She will clearly fancy him, he will explain it's all a bit complicated
4) I will fancy Michelle Ryan a lot more than I previously have
5) There will be some veiled camp reference about Captain Jack.
6) There will be a joke about Cliff Richard/ Summer Holiday/ Blakey/ Orrible Olive/ Holiday on the Buses
7) There will be a joke at the expense of London Transport. Possibly somehing about routemasters.
8) Lee Evans character will be wacky and annoying.
9) There will be a reference to Star Wars/Laurence of Arabia/Dune
10) There will be an Eastenders reference at Michelle Ryans expense.

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