Wednesday, 16 January 2008

All Telly needs is Love, Money and more John Simm

Interesting and enlightening view from inside the BBC courtesy of Director General Mark Thompson, over on Guardian Unlimited, although it really only makes two points. Number one is

“We’re not liars honest, TV is still great, we make great TV, telly is the best, Telly is King, long live Telly, stop complaining, we’re clearly ace, we love Telly and so do you so stop moaning. Watch telly, because telly is brilliant. You should trust the Telly. Telly telly telly telly.”

Well that’s what we got from it anyway. Point number two:

“Give us more money. MORE MONEY! We need money. There’s not enough money. Stop complaining and give us money. I want to rub my naked BBC telly-flavoured body in the publics greasy cash. We need more money, give us money now. Telly is great, telly telly telly”

Okay, his actually words were

"There' s no point crying crocodile tears about less public service broadcasting," he said. "What quantity of public service broadcasting do you want and how is it to be paid for?"

But we think our version gets the point across better.

Tied into both of these points seems to be a sincere attempt to change the way Aunty Beeb deals with politics, giving it a more even handed and positive slant and do for Politics what Doctor Who and Life On Mars have done for drama. Which, if extended logically, means involving John Simm as much as possible. Also worth noting that Doctor Who has killed off the Prime Minister and over-turned the Government in all three of it’s post-comeback seasons.

Make of that what you will.

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