Monday, 14 January 2008

Jim Davidson is offensive. ITV are not.

Cockish alcaholic and homophobe Jim Davidson may have said some offensive things on Hell's Kitchen, but OFCOM have ruled that ITV was allowed to show them, say Media Guardian. And quite right too. The more people who get to see what an utter utter tit the man is the better.

Brian Dowling is a hero for being the first ever openly Gay Kids TV presenter in Britain. He's also had a bad time lately, with the Golden Globes being cancelled and all.

Where as Jim Davidson is a shitbag who gives Star Trek fans a bad name.

And isn't funny. Ever. And you laugh at his jokes, that means you must hate Gays too. Or clearly insane, like Teresa Young.

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Daniel Tunnard said...

What a twat! Thanks for posting this.