Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Feel it closing in, feeling it closing in

The unrelenting and unavoidable move to crush analogue in all its forms (It's called the 'Digital Switchover') continues apace, with leading high street electronics now only stocking televisions with built in Digital TV. It's apparently called future proofing, and combined with the death of the video recorder and the cassette tape, is just another line drawn under the appealing hiss of the analogue age.

There are those still keeping the home fires burning bright and resisting the digital revolution though: Some people still need a Black and White TV Licence.

Unfortunately once Analogue telly is switched off their bill goes up over 300% as a set-top box will automatically count as colour TV. Which seems a bit hard, as people who only have a black and white telly are probably the ones who can least afford their bills to triple.

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Patrick said...

Tell me one person you know who have a black and white telly!

Loving your work.