Monday, 14 January 2008

He's not the messiah etc etc

Joining the Amanda Palmer and Flight of the Conchords albums in a list of “things we’re really looking forward to in 2008” is Chris Morris’ directorial debut. According to the Sunday Times, the film is about the innate ridiculousness of terrorism, and according to us in likelihood will bulldoze through a wall of dearly held taboos, inflame the Daily Mail (again), and of course be very very funny.

According to slick-haired one behind BrassEye, The Day Today and Nathan Barley:

“There is this Dad’s Army side of terrorism and that’s what this film is exploring…This film will hopefully get over that terrorists do what we all do, they discuss the mundane, and plan things that sometimes then go wrong. People, that is viewers, are longing to laugh at terrorism.” (Sunday Times)

He’s probably right as well. It worked pretty well in Team America: World Police. Morris will apparently direct, but not star in the film. And with the closest thing British comedy has to a living genius behind the wheel, this could very well be our generations Life Of Brian.

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