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Brit Pop Now: Everything is Average Now Days

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Well it's back patting time again :the Brit Award nominations have been announced, and if nothing else they prove what a weak year it has been for music in general and british music in particular. In the words of Bart Simpson... "Let's start at the top and take it away..."

British Male Solo Artist
Jamie T
Mark Ronson
Newton Faulkner
Richard Hawley

Do you see what we mean? What is there to inspire here? Newton fucking Faulkner? Good God, do we really need a British Jack Johnson? Jamie T is a worthy mention but smacks of tokenism. Hawley is obviously wonderful, but doesn't stand a chance. Ronson will probably take it, but he doesn't deserve too: no-one that talented, well connected, wealthy, successful and good looking deserves more prize.

Will Win:
Mark Ronson
Should Win: Hawley
Awol: McCartney's album and output this year have been good enough to earn him a place with the real nominations.

British Female Solo Artist
Bat For Lashes
Kate Nash
KT Tunstall
Leona Lewis
PJ Harvey

Slightly better fare here. Poor Natasha BFL doesn't stand a chance, but her album easily outsrips any here. PJ and KT are making the numbers up, it's between Leona and Kate, and will depend on whether the panel fancy going popularist or not. Leona probably deserves it though.

Will Win: Leona Lewis
Should Win: Bat For Lashes

British Group
Arctic Monkeys
Girls Aloud
Kaiser Chiefs
Take That

Again it's hardly earth shaking news is it? Arctic Monkeys probably won't get it, they're way to 2006, Editors don't deserve it really. They're not good enough. Girls Aloud, obviously, rock. Kaiser Chiefs are nowhere in the same league. Take That should walk with it. Their comeback has been one of the best thought through operations in recent years and the waves of genuine pubic affection shuld keep them afloat. Damn it, they deserve it.

Will Win: Take That
Should Win: Take That
Awol: Aside from the hundreds of smaller acts deserving of a mention it's a surprise to not see Muse here. This is the year they headlined Wembley after all. Also of ne is the lack of Bloc Party.

British Album
Arctic Monkeys - 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'
Leona Lewis - 'Spirit'
Mark Ronson - 'Version'
Mika - 'Life In Cartoon Motion'
Take That - 'Beautiful World'

Has it really been this weak? Arctic Monkeys don't deserve it. Their record was too willfully awkward (as are they come to think of it), Leona's wasn't strong enough all the way through, Mika's was just irritating with the exception of maybe 'Billy Brown'. Which means it's between Ronson and Take That. Take That's album was a decent all-rounder, and it's a fair bet they'll take it. For sheer freshness though it should go to Ronson. Actually didn't that Take That album come out in 2006?

Will Win: Take That
Should Win: Mark Ronson
Awol: GoodBooks released the best indie-pop album of the year, Bloc Party also had a good chip at it.

British Breakthrough Act
Bat For Lashes
Kate Nash
Leona Lewis

Actually the toughest of this years to judge. Which is why Radio 1 listeners are doing it for them. Leona's been the more successful, obviously, but Kate Nash has more pluck. Klaxons have the best album of the lot, but Bat For Lashes is a trendier name to drop. Its tight.

Will Win: Kate Nash
Should Win: Klaxons
Awol: GoodBooks again!

British Live Act
Arctic Monkeys
Kaiser Chiefs
Take That

So unsure are the judges on this one, it's been handed over to Radio 2 to deal with. Or maybe it's because no-one really cares about it. Hey who. Despite Klaxons ability to rip any venue a new electro arse-hole, and Take That's big-production-well-loved-cuddlyness this one has to be a shoe in for Muse.

Will Win: Muse
Should Win: Muse

British Single
The Hoosiers - 'Worried About Ray'
James Blunt - '1973'
Kaiser Chiefs - 'Ruby'
Kate Nash - 'Foundations'
Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love'
Mark Ronson - 'Valerie' featuring Amy Whinehouse'
Mika - 'Grace Kelly'
Mutya Buena - 'Real Girl'
Sugababes - 'About You Now'
Take That - 'Shine'

Actually, re-assesing the list slightly 7 of them are actually quite a decent jobs. It should go to Nash, 'Foundations' is as brittle and brilliant and bittersweet as you'll find anywhere. Probably go to Leona though...this is a public vote, and she's good at them.

Will Win: Leona Lewis- 'Bleeding Love'
Should Win: 'Foundations'
Manic Street Preachers- 'Your Love Alone Is Not Enough'

International Male Solo Artist
Bruce Springsteen
Kanye West
Rufus Wainwright
Can anyone bring themselves to care?

Will Win: Kanye
Should Win: Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!

International Female Solo Artist
Alicia Keys
Kylie Minogue
See above.

Will Win:
Should Win: Bjork

International Group
Arcade Fire
Foo Fighters
Kings Of Leon
The White Stripes

Predictable the best bunch of the crop, although who thought putting Eagles here was going to work? Dad's everywhere will approve, perhaps that's the point. They have tickets at the O2 to sell after all.

Will Win: Foo Fighters
Should Win: Arcade Fire
Dresdon Dolls

International Album
Arcade Fire - 'Neon Bible'
Eagles - 'Long Road Out Of Eden'
Foo Fighters - 'Echoes Silence Patience'
Kings Of Leon 'Because Of The Times'
Kylie Minogue - 'X'

See above franly. Foo's album was surely too weak to see them through this though? Especially against KoL/Arcade Fire?

Will Win: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Should Win: Arcade Fire
White Stripes- Icky Thump.

Outstanding Contribution Award
Paul McCartney

Poor thumbs-aloft, eh? He could have won this any year since they started it, and when do they give it to him? In the year he actually sells enough records and does enough to warrant both a best album and a best male nomination. Instead they give him "irrelevant as a recording artists but used to great" award (appropriately given to Oasis last year). It's hard to think of anyone more worthy of an outstanding commitment to music award, but it still feels a little late coming. One of the proper awards would have een a much more fitting tribute. Still, may as well get it over with while he's still with us.

WIll anyone actually bother to watch this year?

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