Wednesday, 13 February 2008

‘Doctor Doctor’ Jokes Take New Meaning

The League Of Gentleman’s Steve Pemberton is to appear in the upcoming series of Doctor Who. This isn’t a huge surprise: Steve’s fellow Royston Vaseyian Mark Gatiss wrote one of the stand-out episodes of the Regenerated show, ‘The Unquiet Dead’ in Series One. He also penned the slightly disappointing ‘Idiots Lantern’ in series 2 and acted in Series 3. Obviously he’s passing the torch over to Pemperton who will play a mysterious character called “Lux”.

The Sun is quoting an insider from the show as saying

“Steve is an obvious choice for Doctor Who bosses because he looks so funny and he’s used to playing weird characters from his time in League Of Gentleman.”

They probably have a point: Pemberton was always the oddest looking Gent in the League, hence his turns as Cab-driving tranny Barbara (a bit scary), pig-feeding, hiker-burning shop-keeping wicker wife Tubbs (quite scary) and careers councillor Pauline (Terrifying).

Pemberton also had a small part in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, based on the book by Douglas Adams, who was a writer and script-editor on Doctor Who during the Tom Baker years.

No-doubt plans are already afoot to find a role for Reece Shearsmith, who –now we come to think of it- wouldn’t make a bad stab at the lead when David Tennant retires. Watch this space.

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