Thursday, 14 February 2008

That Mitchell and Webb Trailer

The BBC has released trailers…well, actually whole sketches for the impending and long expected new series of That Mitchell and Webb Look (wot won a BAFTA you know), they can be viewed on the BBC website, and then for the purpose of further reading there’s one on Youtube.

So far we can assume that series two won’t be drifting too far away from series one, notably because all the best bits will have been taken directly from That Mitchell and Webb Sound, the brilliant Football sketch especially.

This is no bad thing really…let’s face it the audience for sketch shows on Radio 4 have always been tiny compared to the TV upgrades, and as the writing in series 2 of …Sound was notably improved from series 1, hopefully …Look will follow the same pattern.

It’s nice to see the new series materialising anyway, though it’s no surprise it’s been so long in the making: the duo have been preoccupied with Peep Show’s fourth outing on Channel 4, a third series of …Sound for Radio 4 and a feature film (and while we’re on the subject: Magicians got a lukewarm response, but is actually a thoroughly decent and actually quite charming Britcom) although alas not for Film4, not to mention David Mitchells appearance on every single panel show ever. With Peep Show season 5 green lit (Amazon are already selling it) and the new series of ...Look Baftabound for 2009 (and who knows, maybe a fouth for ...Sound and even a pick up of Daydream Believers), and David Mitchell apparently contractually obliged to appear on telly twice a week, there is no end in site for the thinking mans Ant and Dec.

Indeed Mitchell and Webb fever is very much hitting the UK. Even The Sun are getting in on the act. To get you really excited check this breathless quote from the BBC Press office, reportedly a joint quote form both boys.

"We're really excited about the new series. It's packed with new ideas, characters, and most of all, jokes. Many of the sketches are far weirder and more ambitious than anything in the first series, but we've still found room for down-and-out super-sleuth Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar and several new takes on Numberwang."

And if that doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will.

That football sketch in full:

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