Monday, 4 February 2008

There IS a comedy God...

...And he loves us.
Thatjoke favourites Richard Herring and Andrew Collins have begun producing fortnightly news-review podcasts, currently from Richards sofa on a laptop, rebooting their hugely enjoyable 6Music sunday morning reviews from a wee while back.

It's not often you get to feel nostalgic for 6Music and early 90's late night Radio One (when Lee and Herring were doing a radio show as well as the early radio version of Fist Of Fun, and Andrew Collins was working with Stuart Maconie on Collins and Maconie's Hit Parade. Interestingly Herrings formertive partner Stewart Lee talks about Collins once-radio-comrade Stuart Maconie in his current show. He compares him to an all knowing watcher.) all at the same time, but now you can, and personally we're revelling in it.

The delightful 45 minutes(ish) touches on such favourite 2007/2008 news staples as the Madeline Mystery, Chris Langham and the brutish disregard our policeforce has for modern day comedians.

You can hear the brilliantly titled Collings and Herrin here.

This comedy geek is going for a lie down brought on by excitement not felt since that Doctor Who where Sarah Jane came back.

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