Monday, 4 February 2008

We'll cut off your Johnson

Most people will agree that Boris Johnson is fine material for a comic. He could almost of been put on this earth by a joking Deity purely to give us someone to snigger at, the bumbling oaf.

But some comedians have to take it one step further. Tom Greeves is actually working for him.

There are, as far as we can see, three possible reasons for this. And let's just say in advance that we haven't seen Tom Greeves, he may well be a great stand up and a very funny man.

So...option A
Tom Greeves has realised that if Boris becomes Mayor of London he'll make a string of highly public mistakes and every comeidan will benefit from the vast wealth of material across all media. He is helping to create a comedy renaisance.

Option B.
Tom Greeves is a character created by a particularly convincing comic, aiming to generate amusing situations and bring down Boris from within. He's clearly worked hard on it, he's even written a blog in character, full of the most horrible neo-conservative tripe.

Option C.
His absurdly right wing persona is actually real, he's genuinely lending his skills to a Tory Mayoral-candidate largely seen is a joke, and really means it when he says things like this:

"I am fed up to fury of being told that I should care about “the vulnerable”… [and] I don't want my own kids to be schooled amongst the thick and idle"

Surely not?

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