Monday, 11 February 2008

...must have GSOH. or a Grammy.

Women will often claim that making them laugh is a high priority in fanciable fellas. It’s not true, although most women won’t admit it. Goofball one liners and wry satire are not really the direct route to a ladies special parts (believe us on this, it’s from experience), they’re more optional extras. GSOH is a nice addition, but tall-dark-and-handsome will usually win out in the short term. Being the funny one is really the quick route to neutral-male-friend territory (and no-one wants that). If it were really the case people like David Mitchell would be luckier in love and Benny Hill wouldn’t have died alone. It’s probably for the best…some of the funniest bits of sitcom history come out of frustration with this very truth (See Peep Show, Men Behaving Badly, The Office and –with no small irony baring in mind what follows- Flight Of The Conchords).

But there are exceptions. David Walliams is bafflingly popular with certain C-list blondes, Russell Brand is fighting women off with a stick nightly, though not really with very much enthusiasm it has to be said. Noel Fielding bestrides Camden’s teenage girl population like a skinny-jeaned Colossus of Rhodes, and we know from personal experience that every woman in Russell Howards management company follows him around like a puppy. Indeed, so tempting are the boy wizards come-to-bed eyes (one more so than the other...sorry) he even has gay fan fiction. Then there's the Comedy Groupies website, the existance of which pretty much disproves everything we're saying, and so is being ignored. Although we don't think any of these girls really means it when push comes to shove.

Latest to add to the canon are Grammy Award winning electro-folk-parody pioneers and Kiwi comedy genius’s Flight of The Conchordes who are so jaw droppingly fanciable Polly Vernon dedicated four pages to them in Observer Woman yesterday, including such quotes as

“McKenzie is straight-forwad gobsmackingly beautiful, fine-featured and flawlessly skinned.”

While completely air-brushing their Radio 2 show –which pre-dated the HBO TV version by two years and featured almost the same plots- but which nevertheless is quite endearing in its “fannish gibbering” (Polly’s words).

Polly goes on to muse on their appeal…

“maybe we’re tiring, finally, of self-entitled self-consciously powerful men, and beginning to fancy something a little less obvious”.

Which probably means there’s hope for us all. Although it would be a shame, if you think about it. Where would Peep Show or Flight Of The Conchords be if nice guys stopped finishing last? Still, there’s hope for us all.

And for the record...we think Rhys Darby is just a hot as Brett and Jermaine.

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